National network information office to rectify false information Haiying Sun and other large V was s

the development of the Internet, so that the transfer of information is very fast, WeChat, micro-blog, etc. have appeared, and celebrities, such as micro-blog and other red forwarding information more quickly with prestige. During the Spring Festival has been the transfer of false information, therefore, the State Network letter office to rectify false information, Haiying Sun and other large V was sealed.

What is

the content completely fictional are false information

spokesman Jiang Jun said, "Shanghai girl from Jiangxi rural" the investigation is a false news, poster is a Jiangsu Province female netizens on the eve of the Spring Festival, because of a quarrel with her husband, the husband go home and alone. The fact that the fictional post vent emotions. After the online response of claiming to be "Jiangxi boyfriend," the Internet users do not know the post.

2 14, an article entitled "the Spring Festival: a chronicle of aggravation of Northeast Village. Returning diary" in the "financial" magazine published in the WeChat public number, but with low premium father dying son "Merry happy", "peasant groups about guns, guaranteeing couples regardless of his son in the annual table. However, the Xinhua News Agency reporters in-depth incident investigation, found the "returning" home of diary "is not" place, time, characters, the paper depicts the falling of ceremony are imaginary.

in addition, some from the media also released the "domineering wife back to Countryside: don’t let work table overturned do a table of dishes! "And with pictures. When netizens pointed out the authenticity of the problem, the posting said, true and false does not matter".

release is whether such false information must bear responsibility?

online rumors to constitute a crime will be accountable for

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