Open an art glass shop self produced high profits

many people complain about the lack of good business direction, in fact, business on the side, as long as you discover there must be, for example can be seen everywhere in the glass, can also have great market prospects, if you open a glass art shop, how can the future? The following small series for you to analyze, for reference.

1. unique advantage of project process, improve the added value of the products. The use of unique glass craft processing

2. a small investment, homegrown. The processing site

operators need only with a certain area, you can run import and store. If the operator itself has glass storefront, as long as any introduction of art glass is a kind of technology, will be able to store their art glass and other glass shops to distinguish, so I have no people, to seize the market characteristics.

the operating conditions of investment projects need to art glass manufacturers to pay 30 thousand yuan fee, the manufacturers to join the distribution effect of art glass mold and equipment. The size of the business can be large and small, the shop needs more than a dozen square meters of the size of the production (with a small table) and business facade, the monthly rent of about 3000 yuan, as well as the purchase of raw materials liquidity of $2000.

the benefit of a 5 mm thick glass market price of about 20 – 30 yuan / square meters, can be processed into art glass, the price will increase to hundreds of yuan. General producer can produce art glass every day more than 100 square meters, if open set processors do business, receiving art glass to make personalized custom orders, the price can be further improved. If the operator has the stable channel relationship, can recommend

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