Web site should focus on the promotion of online or offline promotion

yesterday, the chance to hear a new company in the discussion of their new station promotion program, then simply sit down and listen to the. May be no special promotion, so get together to discuss, the idea is very complex, but in fact the 00 pieces are also contains some commonly used promotion methods. They talked about the promotion of the two aspects: online promotion and offline promotion. I’ve been thinking about a problem, the new site should focus on the promotion of online or offline promotion?

The promotion of

online promotion is on the Internet, such as forums, QQ, soft, and so on all search engines and the Internet promotion gimmick to link; the line promotion is from the Internet, such as leaflets, posters, media (magazines, newspapers, advertising etc.).

the promotion of the new site should focus on the promotion of online or offline


although this depends on the nature of the specific site, and targeted customer groups to locate, but personally believe that the initial emphasis on online promotion, online promotion speed, influence, involving a wider range. First rely on the online promotion for the site to gather some of the popularity of the late or mid term to consider the combination of online and offline. For example, tourism information network, there are related to the country, but also to the provinces and regions of the site, the initial online promotion, and then in the main city, try to promote the line. There are also some sites have combined with entity shop, such as web site subscription service, if can provide some of the early offline resources, guide it to the site, together with the online promotion, the effect should be better, the late sites such as scale and brand to a certain extent, you can consider increasing the line promotion ratio and expand the scale of the BTL marketing, make the line more resources for online promotion service


whether online or offline promotion promotion, at the beginning of the website construction is very important, especially the content and characteristics of part of the site, a good user experience, and rich content, the promotion of the used value only. Website promotion is an important prerequisite for.

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