Perfect time and space to buy the domain name chibi com for Chibi

according to informed sources, the perfect space-time has recently bought back, the company’s online game "Chibi" is expected to be listed at the end of the year.

according to a domain name insiders, from the market point of view, the domain name of the transaction price of about 50 thousand yuan, up to no more than $80 thousand. But according to the analysis, the actual transaction price should be lower than this, because the perfect is likely through its investment to buy IDG IDG, buy a domain name usually purchased from overseas through the domain of large Cai Wensheng.

currently has pointed to the perfect new game "Chibi" official website.

previously, "Chibi" trademark of the game was controversial, but the perfect space-time has announced "Chibi" version, and start out early publicity, recently bought a official website construction. Once claimed to have "Chibi" trademark of the company will change the game to his name.

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