From bus completed nearly 200 million yuan B round of financing Vargo mobile phone to hundreds of mi

lead: pay attention to the daily news: the latest domestic financing "small triangle" within 10 minutes to complete the 12 million angel off financing, Ruibo completed 125 million yuan A round of financing, social O2O "Hi" won the million yuan financing Pre-A…… Please continue to pay attention to more exciting.


social O2O hey out of ten million yuan Pre-A financing

out hey Pre-A financing tens of millions of yuan, investors have not yet disclosed.

"come out Hi" is a mobile social product that gets online by participating in and launching an appointment (Party). The difference with other similar products in the field of entertainment, "a feature out Hi" is that everyone can freely on top of group invitations, initiate various activities. At present, the platform signed nearly 400 organizers of the event, focusing on the magic area, including TED, true love dream fund, M2 Club and other partners.

" football control " announced the completion of 8 million yuan Pre-A round of financing

focus on real-time football data and information on the mobile Internet products football control, recently announced the completion of 8 million yuan Pre-A round of financing, the current round of financing by virtue of the same capital investment.

football control products covers nearly 100 of global mainstream or non mainstream football matches, matches live show and provide relevant data, a second screen to supplement the live football match, the user can be a one-stop access to rich data football and soccer news.

" Ruibo " successful completion of RMB 125 million ($20 million) of the A round of financing

announced the Cariboo has successfully completed 125 million yuan ($20 million) A round of financing, this round of financing led by the monarch associated capital investment, GGV capital, capital of Kunshan and the pan Lin small nucleic acid research institute and the legend of the star with the vote.


is a commitment to the development based on RNA interference (RNAi) nucleic acid drug research and development enterprise technology innovation, the company raised funds will be mainly used for small nucleic acid drug product pipeline to further deepen the research and development, strengthen the ability of industrialization production base. In addition, Jun linked capital partner Mr. Cai Daqing and MS. Jin Jiong, GGV capital partners will join our board of directors.

video big data platform art grace was tens of millions of A round of financing

Yi en

recently announced the completion of the A round of financing of tens of millions of dollars, a joint venture in G shadow and Greenwoods asset.

arts consulting provides data information, research and consulting, media conferences and other products, services in the film and television, new media, entertainment marketing and other enterprises. With the completion of the current round of financing, the company will also start a new three board listing plan synchronization.

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