Zhou Hongyi four slots in the nternet Conference

August 13th, China Internet conference scheduled to be held by the founder of Sohu Zhang Zhaoyang dialogue with the founder of the 360 site, triggering a variety of voices in the industry". "Cannon" as in the past do not change color, the conference aimed at major Internet giants, but portrayed himself as a "good old" appearance, the old week always raise their discredit others behavior, really contemptible.


of Zhou Hongyi and Zhang Zhaoyang dialogue, "see this scandal Chaoyang and Zhou Hongyi dialogue, there are so many Freemasonry highlights". In this Internet Conference on the red cannon remarks, I think there are four points can be taken out of the analysis:

360 catfish or rogue

360 is not a giant, but is willing to continue to do a catfish, stir the Internet industry, creating more opportunities for innovators, continue to push forward the industry as a whole. So in terms of 360 is not very concerned about the stock price, the most important thing is to continue to make good products in the wireless Internet era, allowing users to use up comfortable, is a driving force for the company forward.

I think: in the Internet industry, including BAT, are just one of the participants, the Internet needs is a good ecosystem, rather than product unscrupulous competition, whether it is catfish or unscrupulous black? The bottom line without competition, it can promote the Internet industry on


2013 China Internet Conference conference theme is: to build a good ecological environment, service a better network life. The opening of the Internet gene, prompting a variety of Internet products emerge one after another, regardless of any one of the Internet products, services are in our lives, work, study and other people need little bit.

is reported that 360 of its search products at the beginning of the introduction of the 360, was in violation of the search engine Robots protocol. The Robots protocol is the site administrator to network security and privacy considerations, in each site can set their own Robots protocol to express the search engine, which content is willing to allow to be indexed by search engines, which are not allowed. Search engine will be in accordance with the Robots agreement to give their own permissions to grab information. All search engines must comply with the Robots protocol has become an international practice.

Internet Ecosystem needs new blood to promote the progress of the circle, but does not need the unscrupulous spoiler, robots like the Internet ethics, perhaps this is not in violation of the law (binding above, in the Internet law also can not keep up the rhythm), but in violation of Internet moral. As the owner of the Internet products, should take the lead to follow the moral standards of the internet.

fourth mountains? Internet needs leader

just talked about the past three weeks has been with these giants, 3Q war, 36>

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