Ma Yun go to the world and not only for the job and don’t want to die in office

Abstract: the world is so beautiful, why do I always want to be a Alibaba group CEO, I came to the world is not to work, but to the world to enjoy my life. I don’t want to die in office, and to the sun on the beach.

Beijing time on the morning of January 19th, Ma Yun in the Davos forum in the special session of the link to accept the New York Times columnist • • • • • • • Sorkin interview with. This is also the most popular forum in Davos, a conversation, packed outside the venue did not get the votes of the audience, while the media reporters simply at the door with a mobile phone to start live. All people want to know from Ma Yun, the incoming Trump will have what kind of measures for globalization and international trade, the Alibaba of Ma Yun in the United States and Chinese the world’s top two economies trade in what role.

dialogue that is focused on this, Sorkin met with the contents of the interview from the Ma and Trump, talking about the extension of the contents of the context of trade protectionism in the context of globalization. Ma Yun expressed strong support for globalization, he said that globalization needs to be more inclusive of the direction, namely to upgrade the existing rules of international trade service multinational giants, to better support the Global 2000 small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the international trade and globalization share dividend. And this is the fundamental purpose of Ma’s initiative eWTP (global e-commerce platform).

Ma Yun said he was excited about the major changes in China and the world over the next ten years. It will be a huge change for China and the world.

at the end of the dialogue an interesting scene, MA in the last year has created more than 3 trillion turnover, management of more than 40 thousand people, business throughout the world of entrepreneurs in response to a question on the expression of the Caribbean coast of the sun and the beach is yearning, he said: I came to the world for a walk, and not only for the job.

"the following is the dialogue record:"

Sorkin: we will ask questions and talk about the Alibaba, China, Trump and the United States, globalization and trade and other topics, once again welcome Mr. Ma!

Sorkin: you’ve just been to Trumpt tower to meet with President Donald Trump. Could you tell us about the meeting?

Ma Yun: this meeting is productive, much better than I expected.

Sorkin: what do you expect?

Ma Yun: I’ve heard a lot about you and I’ve seen a lot of news about him. When I went in, I felt that he was open minded and willing to listen to me. I am very pleased with the outcome of the conversation, he offered to take me downstairs, I think he should be very pleased with the outcome of the meeting.

Sorkin: did you call him, or did he call you? How did the meeting take place?

Ma Yun: that’s what I ask myself. One day, someone asked me if you’d like to meet the president, I’m really not ready

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