Yangzhou Youth Office website to do illegal advertising illegal profit was sentenced to 5 years

xinhuanet.com Nanjing December 16th news (reporter Wang Junyong) a website owner for the network game Sifu network publicity profit more than a thousand million, days ago by the Weiyang District Court of Jiangsu city of Yangzhou province to commit the crime of illegal business was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, fined 17 million 200 thousand yuan, 5 employees and 3 employed by the the name "customer" for illegal business crime were sentenced to 8 months to 1 years and 6 months of imprisonment and fined.

29 year old Guo Yongping during the school created "on the net", business information, network game plug-in download, game cards and other business sales manual. In August 2005, after graduating from college, Guo Yongping own business, operating in Wuhan website.

by the end of 2006, Guo Yongping began to set up online games on the web. Less than two years, his site was seen by some network agents, asked to add links on its website. In the meantime, Guo Yongping has established 999 plug-in "" and other multi site, used to give a variety of games for network promotion. Guo Yongping put these sites to their staff, responsible for each site and click on the amount of advertising to pay.

in November 2008, after a company called "Chinese" of the same type of website is destroyed, a large number of customers to switch to split Guo Yongping’s website, his website at this time has become the one of the most famous private website.

March 2009, the Yangzhou city public security organs in the local seized a set of legendary online games illegal profit making suspects. By the police went to Wuhan Guo Yongping gang arrested. After hearing that, Guo Yongping advertising profit for the number of network game Sifu through the website, illegal business totaled more than 1274 yuan, the customer Ma Huaming servers and publicity on its website, the sale of virtual currency, illegal profit about 5000000 yuan, and two yuan profit of hundreds of thousands of illegal operators.

court believes that the crime of illegal business man Guo Yong equality, then made the decision.

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