Vip com 9 days market value evaporated who killed the flash purchase myth of 37 billion

the second half of the year, takes stock of capital market has been churning the sensitive nerve, while is using another gesture interpretation of what is truly an eventful year.

November 13th, released results warning: third quarter revenue of $8 billion 600 million to $8 billion 700 million in 2015, an annual growth of between 61% and 63%, and was expected to be an annual growth of between 71% and 74%.

on the same day,’s stock price drop. Data show that in November 13th, closed at $13.60, down 26.96%. In November 14th, shares fell again by 8.09%, to $12.50, and the plate also opened nearly 3 years the price of $12.02 ($22.31 in November 4th; from its intraday high price), it is only in the past 9 days.

in other words, 9 trading days, market capitalization evaporated about $5 billion 700 million (about 37 billion yuan).

"compared to the expected decrease in revenue this year is due to warmer temperature caused consumers to reduce the higher prices to buy winter clothes." For the stock price fell cliff, explained.

of the domestic electricity supplier hot double eleven Shopping Festival just ended, all major platforms to make a fortune. According to normal logic, three quarterly should not be so embarrassing. Therefore, the interpretation of has been peer Jingdong face "". Jingdong mall CEO Shen Haoyu said, the company’s clothing category sales are not affected by the weather".

November 19th, officially released the three quarter results announcement, as expected, as early warning said revenue of $1 billion 363 million, an increase of 54%, continued to decline in the previous quarter growth trend.

if shares slump is the culprit is a "warm autumn", then the other side of the ocean to the "climate change" anticipation is more precise.

and many of the stocks, did not escape the fate of being short. In May this year, MFR published an article titled " you do not buy" the earnings we report, from the method of revenue recognition problems questioned’s financial data. Subsequently, there are more than five lawyers initiated a class action lawsuit on financial data questioned.

As for why

will be staged in the capital market the market value is not a drama?.

of the American capital market point of view, the downturn in the economic environment, consumption is shrinking and it has become the main reason for’s bearish. The reaction of the domestic market is also very clear. "The products manufactured by the supplier are not inherently inventory.’s rapid growth period, most of the inventory has been digested." An industry researcher told the China economic net reporter, to recognize this reality. from flash purchase mode successfully cut a large cake, Tmall, Beijing

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