Sources said Ali vice president of human resources was sentenced to 2 million 600 thousand bribery


[TechWeb] reported on June 12th, according to media reports, Alibaba recently disclosed an employee bribery 2 million 600 thousand was sentenced punishment announcement. The announcement shows that the named employee number 000200, name of Guan Yu, vice president of Alibaba group, the human resources department, served as director of human resources

up to now, Ali has not yet responded to the matter.

the internal notification shows that in 2010 -2012 years, Wang served during HR jobs, used his position to influence or discretion, in violation of Ali procurement process and supplier selection, will be Ali’s annual meeting, collective wedding, promotional video capture more than 40 items to its students Lee and its affiliated companies undertake, so many times accepting cash given to Lee, announced that a huge amount.

Ali believes that Wang, in violation of internal regulations, to expel Wang, never hired notice and cancel all stock options. In addition to internal sanctions, Ali also chose to report. In May 2014, the Hangzhou court verdict, Wang finds the office to collect bribes 2 million 600 thousand yuan, to non national staff of bribery and sentenced in eight years and six months, to non national staff of bribery and sentenced Lee to 4 years in prison.

according to media reports, in Ali’s internal, running a Alibaba group business code of conduct, during which the financial interests, related transactions and even accept gifts, hospitality, etc. have done a detailed provisions. The one called integrity unit "department has set up two years.

previously, Ali also exposed many employee corruption case. The last time was in August 2013, Yan Limin, general manager of Juhuasuan to accept the Hangzhou point of science and technology two bribery, a total value of 538 thousand yuan, sentenced to imprisonment for 7 years. The remaining four former Juhuasuan employees were sentenced to 5 years to 1 months to 6 years, ranging from 9 months. (Ming Yu)

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