Deep grilled P2P net loan platform enabled domain name

renamed China ( March 5th news, Internet banking is one of the most popular areas as the present, the relevant domain name P2P net loan platform is also popular attention. Not long ago, the network P2P financial companies enjoy the investment to spend 1 million 200 thousand yuan acquisition of the brand name HXT.COM, became the focus of hot debate. So, these net loan platform like to enable what type of domain name, enable these types of domain names for those net loan platform has a pivotal impact on how it?

net loan platform enabled domain name type

domestic P2P net loan platform to enable the domain name types are mainly the following three categories: Alphabet domain name, Pinyin domain name, the combination of domain names, in which the Pinyin domain name and the combination of domain names are.


(1) – high and short letter domain oligo


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short letter domain limited number, the value of money, the high transaction price not all terminal can afford, except for some funds, a strong background in the terminal will hesitate to spend big price to take such Acura domain, general business can only feel powerless and frustrated.

last May, harvest treasure P2P net loan platform to acquire and enable 2 letter domain name, according to the news, the transaction price of the domain name up to ten million yuan. The reason for the acquisition of the harvest treasure and enable the domain name, mainly because of "S" and "H" is just the harvest treasure "harvest" two words, the first letter of the alphabet, not only easy to remember, and in accordance with the brand image.

also prefer short letter names and the terminal in the Green Valley loan, after the 2 letter domain name enabled millions of dollars worth, who later renamed China through an intermediary to 6 digit price down The loan had been enabled by the Green Valley is "green credit" spelling domain name In addition, there are recently spent 1 million 200 thousand yuan to buy the domain name enjoy a good investment platform, the official website of the domain name is enabled to enjoy the investment, the fight three.


domain name well versed in Psychology


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Pinyin domain name for its proximity to the domestic background and familiar with Internet users memory and input habits, so take advantage of the terrain, and the ", is the domestic terminal station as one of the preferred domain.

"treasure" to fight a single domain from the previous landing phase, P2P net loan platform micro loan China price of 600 thousand yuan to take, then build treasure net enabled. Single spell domain name short character, high gold content, and in line with the "Po dot net" >

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