Mt Gox intends to pass off the station in January launched the official not to say yes or no

Mt.Gox will close in January launched the official not to say yes or no

NetEase technology news on February 26th, according to foreign media reports, the world’s largest bitcoin trading platform Mt.Gox today issued a statement on the website closed. The statement said the decision to suspend trading is intentional, but it did not progress and the rumors that there.

said in a statement posted on the official website of Mt.Gox, the company noted the recent report on the operation of the site and the trading market and repercussions. "Suspend all transactions and make this decision to protect the site and our users. We will pay close attention to the development of the situation and deal with it properly."

the trading platform closed all transactions late Monday, in addition to the updated statement, the site is a blank. This raises the public’s suspicions about the future of the site.

has reported that Mt.Gox were closed because the platform had been hacked, stolen a large amount of bitcoin, but the official to make compensation, only bankruptcy in desperation.

at the same time, the media found that in the official website of the Mt.Gox code, there was a place to place mtgox acquisition statement. Public speculation that this could mean that the company is ready to sell. This code has been deleted.

another rumor that a "crisis response strategy" documents show that the bitcoin trading platform will be closed for a month, and this move belongs to the exchange of renaming programs.

face a lot of speculation, Mt.Gox’s official statement did not give the exact answer. In the case of the virtual currency investment industry has been questioned, the other six bitcoin Exchange issued a joint statement.

Mt.Gox practices contrary to the trust of users, things are unfortunate, it is the individual behavior of individual companies, the statement said. Like any emerging industry, certainly need to clean up an evil member of the herd circle, this is the case today." Bitcoin China (BTC China) is also one of the initiators of this joint statement.

In addition to condemning the

, the joint statement also called on investors to maintain confidence in the industry. "However, we firmly believe that, under the leadership of a competitive team, coupled with the support of reliable investors, a strong bitcoin companies will continue to develop. Bitcoin will become the future of the Internet era means of payment, this commitment must be achieved."

nevertheless, bitcoin investor confidence is still not a small blow. Special attention to bitcoin news website coindesk showed that the price of bitcoin on Tuesday was dropping sharply to $451.74, compared with Sunday’s high of $637.49 fell to $185.

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