The US group net 500 jobs official said Xiaoxibushi

sina science and technology news on September 26th afternoon news, sources said, the United States Mission network is being carried out nationwide layoffs, it is reported that the number of layoffs or more than 500 people. In this regard, Wang Huiwen, vice president of the United States Mission Network responded that this rumor is false news, the U.S. group did not conduct a nationwide layoffs.

sources said, the U.S. group net recent layoffs involving the company headquarters and the 98 sub stations, which only the number of layoffs of about 150 people, including the departments involved in quality control, financial department, sales assistant, finance market, almost all of the people.

according to reports, the U.S. group net layoffs as early as a few months ago has prepared, is not a one-off layoffs, but the choice of phased approach, because management considers the one-time layoffs if beyond a certain number, need to the Labor Bureau reported, so they decomposition stages, control in order to avoid the labor law. At present, the United States mission headquarters office, every week will leave.

, the sources said, according to the U.S. group net layoffs, in addition to a second tier city will retain some key 1 operators, 1 journalists, the other three line city all will be abolished to only 1 operators. For example, after Chengdu branch of business services has been abolished, has recently begun to demolish operation assistant.

it is reported that before the implementation of the planned layoffs, ratio of meituan employees in sales and operations, the editorial staff of the two, the country has about 1600 people sales calculation, total operation and editorial staff of the station was about 800, the average city about 5 to 10 people, the this means that the layoffs, each city will lose 4 operations or editorial staff, the final remaining operations, the editorial staff will be less than 200 people.

Wang Huiwen, vice president of the United States Mission Network

Sina Technology, said the rumor is false news. At present, the United States Mission network development momentum is good, not only does not have the so-called national layoffs winter, and is a large-scale campus recruitment."

, according to Wang Huiwen introduction, the United States Mission network just at the Xi’an Jiao Tong University conducted a round of campus recruitment, then, the United States Mission network will also be held in Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan and other cities campus lecture. (


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