Today the central broadcasting station 630 news nternet pornography crackdown

    afternoon in the car to listen to a news broadcast, it’s crackdown on Internet pornography, the most pornographic website is the crackdown is completed, but there are still many walk on the edge of adolescent pornography, the impact is very bad website, the next step in June, the combination of the city police scrutiny of network network. To eliminate pornography and pornography. Virtual network police.

    while in the search and great in strength and impetus, the news just now, did not see the relevant reports, and in Beijing, channel more than and 10 big portal site has also been listed to make rectification.

    our personal website also should response to the national policy, from himself, from the side to start now, network traffic does not make money, we do not have to flow a bit and have any luck, or for the edge flow mentality.  

      rectification site, will not be conducive to the healthy development of the contents of the network, to delete, but also to each other to tell the friends of the webmaster, do not take youth gambling tomorrow.


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