Unfamiliar Street 2 letter domain name mm com transaction price of nearly 20 million

renamed China (eName.cn) June 4th news, last year to $1 million 200 thousand (about 7 million 470 thousand yuan) in the overseas platform node pats "Mo Mo" 2 letter domain name mm.com, recently traced the transaction, the transaction price of nearly 20 million yuan.

figure: mm.com

mm.com in June last year, the overseas domain name trading platform, with a price of about 7 million 470 thousand yuan, and became the highest price in the Sedo platform in the domain name in 2014. Only one year, this is the price of nearly 20 million yuan turnover, the appreciation of space is self-evident.


domain name mm.com belongs to the 26 global domain name one of the only 2 stacks of letters, the value of its already high, and it also has a listed company "Mo Mo" terminal "mask, meaning, and secrets, mother and other fine meaning, relates to the field of a wide range.

through WHOIS information query, the domain name has recently been trading records, but the domain name is still in the name of Xu Jun. However, Xu Jun himself said micro-blog mm.com has been sold, you can determine the domain has been traded.

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