2007 list of top ten categories

      frontier: classification information after 05 years of rise, the precipitation of the past 06 years, there are a number of classified information site fell, part of the transformation, a part of the garbage station, the page is full of advertising. Just a little more vitality of the information platform, but also a considerable part of the early classification information website has a great development, such as reputation, kijiji.

      information classification can be predicted, 07 years will enter the stage of shuffling in real meaning, mainly classified information company in weaker gradually fell, not a small website classification of climate, will eventually be abandoned by the user; and to the left, is the real strength of the strong, in some classification information the city has a large number of loyal users, their services will eventually expand the domestic market each classified information.

      1 China Kijiji (Wang Jianshuo)

      profile: eBay investment founder, after 2 years of exploration, and finally the successful formation of a unique village model, rising popularity.

      second word of mouth network (Li Zhiguo)

      introduction: community life for the localization of integrity of all of the city, mainly to provide classified information, yellow pages service focus on life, housing, second-hand housing, catering and entertainment industry. Alibaba strategic investment in 2006.

      third classified information network (Yao Jinbo)


      brief introduction: at the end of 05, the rapid classification website, BAIDU, GOOGLE have their promotional advertising. In February 12, 2006 58 city classified information Softbank $5 million.

      fourth ganji.com (Yang Haoyong)
      brief introduction: by famous foreign security company founded home. 02 2006 05 June Google China and ganji.com is strategic cooperation. Ganji attaches great importance to the two level classification of information market, has a high flow of its sub stations in Wuhan.

      fifth online 263

      profile: veteran network group, in all places have a good landing mechanism.

      Sixth search souke

      brief introduction: from network >

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