Web Content Alliance Daquan and introduction

According to the content of union propaganda, content alliance can quickly improve your site’s ranking, increase your website PV, add a rich channel for your website, bring entertainment content more rich, improve user retention rate, at the same time update for you free of charge, the most important thing is that the site was advertising the position for you to place ads, and can make money. As a webmaster only need to do is to put their two domain name to each other server IP, so you have a rich and professional website.Another advantage of

Content Alliance is that it can quickly be included in the major search engines, thereby increasing the amount of visits. But at this point there are some problems, because the content in the League a lot of duplication of information, coupled with more people, the search engine will be directly considered cheating, then K off site, which is why we are in a level two league content of tens of thousands of pages to a search page.

but the content alliance is also received by the search engine, if not, then no one will do content alliance. "You can’t have it both ways, we choose according to their needs.

finishing most of the current content alliance, we want to do to help.

welcome the majority of personal Adsense published views on the content of the union, delivery mailbox: [email protected]  or to my network message board message to me, exchange….

  1,   garlic flap software download alliance

introduction: garlic valve is the first free software download outsourcing service platform. Users only need to add a two domain name for their own domain name, you can have tens of thousands of all kinds of software and provide updated continuously and automatically download channel, so it is worth mentioning that, you can also customize the page template, Download classification, website information, web advertising etc.. And the application is simple, easy maintenance, suitable for most of the small and medium-sized Web site webmaster.

Union address: http://s.www.dasuanban.com

2, Adsense Content Alliance

Adsense Content Alliance is a professional Chinese film entertainment website alliance. The use of existing resources to launch online movies, video clips, wonderful textures, high-definition television, online MTV, film, TV drama, celebrity gossip, entertainment featured anime front Studio Entertainment resources etc.. The program for the full build, rich programs, exciting content, updated quickly! As long as you join our alliance, the resources are free to share!

Union address: http://s.www.4886.com/

3, Zcom Content Alliance

through the analysis of the domain name, you can add entertainment channels on their own website, according to the latest statistics, as of July 2006, Zcom Content Alliance has exceeded 1 effective cooperation >

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