Shenzhen cross border electricity supplier Wish based training commencement

under the mobile wave, do cross-border electricity supplier can not pay attention to Wish! Wish is the inevitable product of cross-border electricity supplier under moving trend, in Europe and North America as the target market, the customer has over a wide range of characteristics of consumption ability etc.. Unlike other PC electronic business platform, Wish platform rules are simple, very consistent with the habits of users in Europe and the United states. Since 2013 to join the development of cross-border electricity supplier, Wish abnormal rate, by 2015, global users reached 300 million, the amount of sales over 4 billion dollars, and China sellers only 60 thousand, and the platform settled threshold is low, so, no matter you have no experience of cross-border electricity supplier, on the Wish platform, you will have the chance to become big the seller, because it has just begun to force




of this billion blue ocean market, I don’t believe you no heart! Well! Come out of thousands of calls call mierkat training camp training courses of the cross-border electricity supplier "Wish class" practical curriculum should meet you finally! The time in August 27th to 28! Hurry up about


this set of courses tailored for novice white, is a zero based introductory courses. Although the course is based, but it is not sloppy treatment. "Wish based practical class" by "2 day training course system, course content includes 4 modules, 10 elements, 45 knowledge points, learning rules of Wish platform, account application, policy optimization, customer service, store product published service methods and rules, comprehensive coverage of Wish hailun based content. In the course, will also assist students to carry out account simulation exercises, to find out the whole process of Wish shop operation.

one can not learn how to do? Free training! Mierkat commitment, all students within 1 years of free training! Not only that, after school will be built QQ group, to solve difficult problems of registered mierkat.


(mierkat training camp class scene)

if only one-way instilling knowledge, it is not "the sea"! Mierkat training camp has been committed to creating social cross-border electricity supplier training mode. We not only spread knowledge and methods, but also pay more attention to the social interaction among the students. Mierkat build a social platform for students, gathered cross-border elite, kinds of class activities regularly organize online and offline, encourage the social exchanges, promote students to the sharing of resources, together with the cross-border electricity suppliers to do business.


(mierkat features: class not just one-way knowledge!)

said so much that he forgot to introduce the soul of our course, our Beauty Lecturer Anna. Mierkat training camp Wish based practical course Anna senior lecturer, international trade major, early contact with the B2B platform, many years of sales experience in foreign trade, on behalf of companies to participate in domestic and overseas.

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