Jingdong spend millions of domain name 3 cn domain name or brand promotion

news June 15th, it is reported that Jingdong mall recently won excellent digital domain name 3.cn, the author found that the domain name has access to jump to the mall home Jingdong, anecdotal price of 3 million to 5 million.


domain name 3.cn whois information


Jingdong mall main domain name 360buy.com whois information

whois and 3.cn domain name information is displayed, the current owner is Zhai Xiaoli, and there is no any news about the Jingdong, but the Jingdong then query mall currently domain name 360buy.com is the owner of Zhai Xiaoli, the owner of 3.cn Jingdong is undoubtedly the mall.

The value of the

domain name 3.cn is not too much to explain, believe that agriculture should make clear its m value, because this single digital domain is scarce, and the 3 homonym in business, is very suitable for use in digital domain for commercial purposes, in addition, the author found that 3.cn and 3.com.cn belong to the domain name a company, but for now, the company only sold 3.cn to the Jingdong, the Jingdong 3.com.cn will not sell, or let us wait and see.

‘s Jingdong acquired the domain name 3.cn, I think there are two reasons, one is the Jingdong acquired the Pinyin mall although domain name jingdong.com, but it is still used as the main 360buy.com and 3.cn short domain name, the domain name, to make it easier for users to access at the same time, it can adapt to their own brand better, and started their own the domain name brand, as everyone knows, since last year, Amason launched a short letter domain name z.cn, Amason has been to the domain name for advertising, the acquisition of Jingdong 3.cn is to make a difference in the domain name, in their big separatist war today, the Jingdong’s "name" will show its strong confidence.

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