Know the Qihoo 360’s revenue comes from what business and products

in March last year, the Qihoo 360 in the United States, attracted much attention of the capital market, not only because of the 360 products accounted for second China user market, but also because of its unique profit model. What is the "360 profit" and "what is the source of income" is a basic question, but the answer has not provided a comprehensive and accurate answer.

Qihoo 360 was established in 2005, until 2009 was officially the year to achieve profitability, revenue of $32 million 300 thousand. In 2010 revenue of $57 million 660 thousand, a huge increase in 2011 revenue to $167 million 800 thousand. Since 2012 Q1, Q2 earnings relatively rough, so in 2011 annual earnings, for example, is suitable for the analysis of its revenue structure.

According to the "

" Qihoo 3602011 annual report, 360 of the main source of revenue, revenue and the proportion of total revenue is as follows:


Internet services revenue (InternetServices) – $167 million – 99.5%

third party antivirus software sales revenue (SalesofThird-partyAnti-virusSoftware) – $890 thousand – 0.5%

first, Internet service revenue is the 360 largest source of income, including the following three parts:

online advertising revenue (OnlineAdvertising)

this part of the revenue of about $123 million, accounting for 73.3%[2] of total revenue in 2011.


1 online marketing services (onlinemarketingservices) [3] revenue of approximately $106 million, accounting for 63.1%[4] of total revenue in 2011. This part of the income is mainly rely on 360 platform level products to sell advertising. Platform level products include "360 site navigation page", "the 360 security desktop", "the 360 software manager", etc.. (now you know the 360 site navigation page how much money it!)

2 search engine referral service (searchreferralservices) [5] revenue of approximately $17 million, accounting for 10.2%[6] of total revenue in 2011. This part of the income is what we usually call "traffic income". Compared to the above advertising revenue, this money is not what. 2009, 360 navigation page search box is the default Baidu search, this part of the money is mainly paid by Baidu. In 2010 360, Baidu and Sina 360 default search to Google, by a lot of traffic to Google, 360 from Google to get a return of about $12 million. To the 2011>

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