Opportunities and challenges of Feedsky topic marketing

    from Marketing Pilgrim  see the news, web usability research master Jakob Nielsen  eye movement experiment recently concluded:

    We simply confirmed for the umpteenth time that banner blindness is real. Users almost never look at anything that looks like an advertisement, whether or not it s actually an ad.


    the Chinese Internet users do not ignore the phenomenon of advertising does exist, Banner users almost never look at anything that looks like advertising, whether or not it is not really advertising.

    Jakob Nielsen  further pointed out: the current more effective but unethical advertising form is to make advertising look like content (making the ad look like). However, this form of advertising may backfire and mislead users (backfire and mislead users).

      thus, I think of Feedsky in the blog topic of marketing advertising, marketing advertising makes Bloggers can pick the feeling and comments in the topic write true, it has two main characteristics:

    1, advertising content that is advertising

    this "wind into the night moisten things silently," the promotion of the traditional form of advertising is almost the perfect combination of content, it is easy to be accepted by readers, with a higher conversion rate;

    2, advertising is relatively low moral

    to undertake the topic marketing advertising Bloggers can play in meeting the basic requirements of the main free advertising, talk about the personal thoughts, not to earn advertising fees and the cheek to speak, this freedom makes the topic marketing relative to traditional immoral "gun culture" more true to the readers with more reference value.

      from the above two characteristics, I think the Internet users’ "Banner Blindness" actually give Bo

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