Taobao travel to return to Taobao shine off 7%


] May 30th news billion state power network, Taobao is seeking to push the big tourism business in the summer season, therefore, has a wide range of contact Taobao passenger travel promotion, pulled up at the same time the proportion of subsidies, heavily supporting Taobao customers.

It is reported that

, Taobao has opened the "Tourism Travel Fund owners to support the plan, Taobao will be on Taobao travel goods station ( domain, including air tickets, vacation, visa, tickets, hotel, Inn and other Taobao travel categories, each item has a Taobao passenger subsidy.


the subsidy program will begin in May 27th this year, until the end of March next year. In the span of the year, Taobao travel will be given a maximum of 2% reward, to encourage more active Taobao customers to bring traffic, and thus enhance the image of Taobao travel products.


Taobao Travel Travel Fund webmaster program

, however, noted billion state power network, behind the high proportion of subsidies, Taobao is set off high percentage threshold. That is, the proportion of Taobao customers to set the commission ratio of more than equal to the table of various types of high subsidies threshold, Taobao travel will be in accordance with the proportion of high subsidies (2%) to Taobao subsidies. On the contrary, if there is no higher than the threshold of subsidies, subsidies in accordance with the basic proportion (domestic airline ticket is 2%, the other category is 1%).

Taobao aspects of the explanation, said the subsidy is Taobao customers in addition to the normal collection of promotional fees additional proceeds obtained from Taobao travel department, the proceeds are Taobao travel initiative, voluntary payment to Taobao. All subsidies are paid on the basis of the original business should be paid on the basis of Taobao passenger Commission, and will not affect the business should pay Taobao commission."

to promote the special offer hotel / Inn features / apartment hotel category goods Taobao passenger as an example, in addition to a commission of 5% threshold, will get 2% of Taobao’s total revenue subsidies will reach 7% of the transaction price.

According to informed sources, on the basis of the fund to support the tourism program, Taobao travel will start from June, Ho Ho throw million reward. By then, Taobao will set in June 12th for travel travel Shucu sector "double 11". According to the Taobao customer set different commission ratio, the implementation of different proportions of the bonus.

as a result of the outbreak of online travel, tourism Taobao customers positive revenue increase in a gold mine. Insiders to billion state power network that is different from other categories, online travel product price over a thousand fold. On the other hand, the average Promotion Commission travel products are in 3%-4%, up to 15%.

if calculated in accordance with the 7%, every single commission income at least 70 yuan. "Make a lot more money than a few clothes."

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