n April the share of the domestic browser market share rose E local accident

IDC network (idcps.com) on 04 August 05 reports: according to the latest data from Baidu statistics show that in April the domestic browser market, Chrome and IE still take the bulk of each share was 40.87%, 30.21%, ranking in the top two. And last month is different, the share of Chrome being eroded, while IE rose slightly to achieve turnaround. In addition, Sogou high-speed and QQ ranked 22 swaps, disaggregated 3, 4. Next, IDC comments on the relevant data will be collated and analyzed.


(Figure 1) April 2016 domestic browser market share distribution map

from Figure 1 can be learned, in April the domestic browser market share competition, Chrome ranked first, share last month narrowed, but there are still 40.87%. The local IE ranking, share stopped falling, rose to 30.21% small, together with the Chrome to continue to occupy the domestic browser share is big, far ahead of many other browsers.

in addition, IDC Review Network noted that Sogou ranking and other changes in the high speed, was replaced by QQ, fell from third to fourth, ranking swaps. In terms of share, Sogou high speed 3.90%, QQ4.07%, compared with the previous month rose, the former rose by 0.01%, which rose by 0.40%, the difference is caused by the rise and fall of ranking.


(Figure 2) domestic browser market share trends in the second half of the comparison chart

Figure 2, can be learned from November 2015 to April 2016, the share of the dominant Chrome rising trend is clear, the overall development of good. But it is worth noting that, in April 2016, its share stopped rising, down 0.99%, down to 40.87%. The performance has always been not optimistic about the IE, the share of accidents in April 2016 to achieve an increase, although only 0.03% increase, is not obvious, but this sign of improvement can not help but look forward to. Next month, the two will be how to behave, but also continue to pay attention to IDC review network.

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