Frequent changes in the United States and the courage to challenge the electricity supplier

is now the electricity supplier can be said to be China’s game, not only has the strong performance of the Jingdong, Taobao and other traditional powers, such as and Yi, the bright younger generation we launched, slobber war, price war and other kinds of marketing means to the ticket business. Not long ago, the Tencent announced that a wholly-owned stake in it, and will be integrated into the WeChat business, to carry out mobile business, this is a great move for Chinese electricity supplier. And Ali led by Ali did not stop their own mobile layout, holdings of UC, the acquisition of sina, Ali Department busy than anyone else. Just when we are in the development of the electricity supplier to seize the initiative, the United States online but once again faced with knowledge transfer. Gome online CEO Han Depeng will leave in the near future, has been in a state of vacation. This also means that early last year Kuba CEO after leaving Wang Zhiquan, Gome and a loss of key executives. In the face of the storm raging like a storm repeatedly adjust the electricity supplier, the United States is to better development opportunities or will hand over


Gome online development status

In fact,

this year Gome online business level has been improved, while watching from the earnings loss of 9 hundred million years, a bit miserable, but do not have electricity supplier who is starting from the burn, compared to their, the cost is bigger. in order to seize the business market, at around the store must be given business as the primary task of the measures imposed at the same time, will also be included in the local sales in the local district general manager’s performance, so the means and intensity is not better than the United States online. You know with the Jingdong and Taobao brand gradually deepening and consolidation of the newly added electricity supplier to get a large number of users, the investment cost will be increased several times, but even if you are not willing to give money to it, so the lost must be more market. But now the United States move is really let the industry cannot read, because as the commander of the United States online, Han Depeng’s business ability is obvious to people, up to the amount of loss does not see, Gome online market share gradually rise, from 3.2 in 2010 to 7.1 now%%, the United States progress and obvious to people. With the deepening of the price war, the United States online brand building is to replace the helmsman but follow the prescribed order, at this time, I think in addition to Han Depeng’s wishes, more is the strategy of the United States in the online business for chess set.

embarrassing Gome online

do business who want to make money, profit is the ultimate goal of every businessman. Made a few years the United States and the United States online business capabilities have been further improved, but still can not get out of the loss of the status quo. In contrast, Yi Xun Jingdong, where customers and other large burn, have realized the purpose of price war, open up the market, access to the user data, brand building has entered a mature stage, where the customer is already beginning to profit. Although the same situation with the United States is also at a loss, but Gome and Suning in the store sales but is not in the same magnitude, the line for the branch of the United States online.

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