Ali mother this month after the return of non normal order Commission

Ali mother’s Taobao Union today announced that from this month began to batch will take the history of "non normal order" promotion fee (commonly known as Taobao, guest Commission) returned directly to the seller through the corresponding alipay. Ali given the explanation is that through the platform to upgrade technology, the effectiveness of the previous order and the promotion of non normal tracking do identify, to enhance the experience of businesses and consumers.

as early as June 27th, Taobao Union issued a notice saying that the Commission will not be returned to the seller, and the seller of this problem for collection.

it is understood that this part of the non normal order Commission, including the Commission did not deduct the success of Taobao’s customer transactions, as well as the proceeds of the Taobao passenger illegal gains. This part of the commission does not need to deduct the Union’s technical service fees, direct return of the seller to pay the commission. Earlier, media reports said that part of the Taobao passenger was frozen commission. Ali, general manager of the mother Wang Hua has responded, the Union has been dealt with, will return this part of the frozen funds to the seller, but he did not disclose the total number of frozen funds.

"Ali mother has the responsibility and obligation to purify the network marketing system, leak filled, upgrade technical innovation, not to have bad intentions of people take advantage of, to protect the interests of consumers and businesses, and promote the healthy development of the whole network marketing." Wang Hua said that this year Taobao a year into overall is expected to more than 5 billion, in addition to the existing Taobao customer promotion mode, Ali mother this year through a variety of means to inspire Taobao customer model innovation, promote the development of Internet network marketing.

Ali mother announced that the seller can go to Alipay to check the details and the amount of concrete. At the same time, with the upgrading of technology, the platform in the future will achieve the automatic monthly promotion commission will be invalid orders returned to the corresponding sellers, such as transactions in August, September 20th November August settlement, return to non normal order.

below is the June 27th Taobao Union issued a notice:

dear seller:

2013 Ali mom will continue to enhance the user experience of businesses and consumers. Through the platform to upgrade the technology, we have a positive effect on the former Taobao Commission Commission and the promotion of non normal and so on once again identified. We will from 2013 July began to recognize the partial history of non normal order of the Commission, the Commission will return to the corresponding to the seller, the seller to pay the commission directly into the Alipay account, please log on to view the details and the specific amount of alipay.

The following

system will achieve automatic monthly promotion commission orders will be invalid returned to the corresponding seller, seller please focus on the appropriate Alipay account.

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