Shop No 1 sound standard Tmall invested 1 billion yuan in the supermarket planned March opening pri

August 8th afternoon, after the Jingdong was merged into one and a half months, shop No. 1 in the afternoon for the first time outside sound, shop No. 1 mining sales department senior vice president Song Chunlei said, shop No. 1, plans to invest 1 billion yuan in three months, super category comprehensive benchmarking Tmall supermarket in the eight business opening price war.


Song Chunlei said, the price war for the country, especially in a second tier city, drinks, fresh, imported food and other 8 major categories comprehensive benchmarking Tmall supermarket price; in the area, shop No. 1 will fully hit Tmall supermarket in the East China region, regional development will be in Southern China and the second city. Song Chunlei frankly, this shop No. 1 goal is in the rapid market behind Tmall supermarket, 2 times to achieve sales target to reach Tmall supermarket.

talked about the recent integration with Jingdong, Song Chunlei said that the main categories of Jingdong focused on digital, 3C, and the 1 shop will be mainly in the super category. However, according to Song Chunlei, said the future of the 1 store will not fully subtract the home digital 3C category, and Jingdong will retain its existing strategic layout of the whole category.

for this price war funding sources, shop No. 1, WAL-MART and Jingdong are currently given financial support, Song Chunlei believes that the "super online now, have entered a rapid expansion trend, the price war is currently the fastest market share", appears in the song Chun Lei line supermarkets it is profitable, such a state in the future will be transferred to the line, to solve the problem of profit and loss caused by burn.

this year, slobber War online supermarket, Alibaba before the group announced the appointment as the general manager of Tmall River supermarket, also served as vice president of Alibaba group. River in the first public appearance, claiming that Tmall supermarket is the first online and offline supermarket. He said that so far, Tmall supermarket has been the first online supermarket, and will reach the scale of one hundred billion yuan in three years, becoming the largest online and offline stores.

a few days later, an article entitled "Jingdong employees to Tmall supermarket supermarket River Mr. a letter", from three dimensions, including Tmall and Jingdong’s sales, Tmall and Jingdong distribution coverage and investment cooperation to Tmall supermarket head discussing river.

Jingdong said, Tmall claims to have the first online supermarket, but did not disclose relevant data, publicly available data or "double eleven" during the last year, Tmall supermarket orders more than 1 million Jingdong, and supermarket orders have been more than 7 million 200 thousand day. This year, "6·, 18" period, Jingdong supermarket merchandise sales have more than 170 million pieces, but also in terms of coverage and other aspects of Tmall supermarket is significantly inferior to Jingdong supermarket. Liu Qiangdong also attended the said in a program, is considering how to end the super battle in three years, become the line of "champion".

data show that in June 20th this year, the evening, issued by the Jingdong group

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