Mobile QQ transfer function on the line will learn WeChat push QQ red

with the rise of the third party payment, online payment, transfer and other more convenient. The line transfer function in the mobile phone QQ, buddies transfer is more convenient, it seems no longer cold day run out, will be able to operate whenever and wherever possible. Mobile QQ transfer function followed the pace of WeChat, WeChat now has some features in the mobile phone QQ gradually increased. Then the phone will be re – QQ wallet WeChat red envelopes QQ red line it?

said WeChat red, if a gun and red envelopes used in WeChat, presumably not so much. After the rapid spread of the red WeChat red line, the reason for its rapid popularity may be due to the approaching spring festival. WeChat official data show: from the beginning of the new year’s Eve in 2013, to the new year’s day 16, to participate in the snatch WeChat red envelopes more than 5 million users, a total of more than 75 million times to grab a red envelope. Received a total of more than 20 million red envelopes, the average received red envelopes per minute to reach 9412. Just on the line soon, the rapid increase in the number of users to the future development of the red envelopes of WeChat played a good start.

is now red packets every holiday, grab red seems to have become a habit, this new way is also more and more people to accept. I do not know if you are reading this article is also a red WeChat users, or mobile phone QQ wallet users.

QQ for mobile phone wallet, perhaps a lot of people will say, I know that mobile phone QQ wallet, often use it, what the Yellow Diamond Membership charge. On the phone QQ wallet Baidu encyclopedia is introduced: 2014 03, 21, Tencent officially released QQ4.6.2 version of the phone, the new version of the DOS system to support the QQ wallet. This means that Android and DOS phone users can now use the phone QQ wallet, mobile payment experience life. This is also the beginning of the mobile phone QQ official mobile payment field.

I do not know if you noticed, Q and WeChat wallet payment has many functions are shared? For example: the above transfer, mobile phone recharge, lottery tickets, AA collection and so on, see here, surprised? In fact, indeed, since WeChat paid online, there are a lot of people in the discussion, WeChat and QQ is taking overlapping or symbiotic route, for this problem, it should be discussed is very difficult to have a conclusion, Public opinions are divergent., but small individuals believe that WeChat and QQ route some overlap, from above mentioned their application of the same or similar, but the difference between WeChat and WeChat red is the largest mobile phone QQ wallet. The picture below is a screenshot of WeChat and mobile QQ Wallet:

said the difference between WeChat and WeChat mobile phone QQ wallet is red, then in the near future mobile phone QQ wallet is a red QQ? This is just speculation small series of course, whether there will be specific needs and everyone to wait. If the phone QQ wallet really appeared QQ red envelopes, personally think it will soon grow up, has been the promotion of QQ, WeChat marketing has become a marketing tool unscrupulous propaganda, if there is a QQ>

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