Help people to distinguish between the flow of the website of the company ndia venture capital

ShieldSquare is a cloud technology security solutions to provide a start-up company, mainly to help companies differentiate themselves on the site or mobile App applications on the human and non-human traffic.


company was founded in 2013, headquartered in India, Bangalore, the main product is to provide real-time online malicious robot defense services software. This Thursday (October 19th), they announced the acquisition of a risk investment, lead investor is well-known venture capital Venture Highway, in addition Facebook engineering director Vishy Poosala and previously invested in the company of a number of investors are also involved in the investment, but did not disclose the specific amount of financing.

thanks to this latest investment, ShieldSquare will further expand the global market, and add more features for product optimization. The company co-founder and CEO Pavan Thatha said:

in the defense industry in the field of malicious robots, ShieldSquare is fast becoming a trusted brand, with the injection of funds, and investment in the network advantages of Silicon Valley, will further help the company grow.

advanced cloud technology based on ShieldSquare real time robot defense solutions to help enterprises to distinguish between online website and Application on human and non-human can flow, monitoring, classification, malicious robot launched traffic attacks, to ensure zero false positives. The solution is to ensure that the business from Web data capture, spam, content theft, and Shuabing etc..

currently, the company’s business has covered 68 countries around the world, handling billions of dollars per month to visit the page analysis, the main customers include Axel Springer Group, Purch, and Navent, etc.. In August last year, ShieldSquare has received a seed round of financing, the investor is StartupXseed.

is worth mentioning is that Venture Highway is a newly established less than a year of venture capital company, founded by former Google executives Samir Sood and WhatsApp Neeraj Arora co founded the company executives, in order to help the next generation of entrepreneurs in India. The two people in Silicon Valley has a wealth of experience and network of relationships, but also to see the prospects of ShieldSquare’s products, the company hopes to be based in India, and in North America and the European market success.

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