Anhui Taobao website of the whole process and publicity methods

should be the requirements of the webmaster. Today, the construction of the Anhui Taobao network station all written down. I believe that people know Anhui Taobao know. Anhui Taobao is created by me after 90 boys. Hey, why am I so many words. I contacted the site two years ago. Because I’m a programmer, so I have to.Net technology and study hard, never thought to do, a chance.

imperceptibly, I think of the website, began to register a domain name, website, of course, will come into contact with such as optimization, promotion, SEO and other information. Because they are programmers, some of the principles may be very clear. I began to position Anhui is the electronic commerce website, Anhui province at last, I put it as a national, because in the process of propaganda, many businesses across the country continue to join, so that I changed the single Anhui idea, because everyone is your customer, the customer is God, the site at the same time, I always follow you: good is not good, customers say well is good, so I don’t pay too much attention to technical problems, if the site is famous, do not delay technology. You have the technology to do better, no one is to open a shop.

I think the past every Anhui city of the market to run the business, but whenever I think of some time ago in Yiwu commodity city and international trade city, there is little concern, because the electronic commerce website is really not so good to do, those people over the age of 40 is very difficult to accept these things, as Ma said those who live in the business will say: "I am now the business was very good, which have time to engage in online?". But I am a 20 year old boy ran to the front of others. Some, most is afraid he will not listen. Finally, say, much of this era of small young cheat money.

second, website is a person I do, if I run the market every day, so the site there, no traffic, so I give up the first step in life after life to enter the propaganda [] propaganda, the choice of network promotion. In the network propaganda, will be in touch with the optimization of keywords, the site of the hype, and so on, once upon a time, to someone said such a sentence: "Ma Yun’s website is blown up by Ma Yun". It is not unreasonable to think about it, but they put the cattle in the sky. The cow is really flying, and so are we. There is a business settled, we said that the ads have been settled in the hundreds, there is a deal, we said that the volume reached the maximum value of the day, the forum has a person posting. We would like to say that members of the forum to participate in the discussion. There is a person called our website, we say that the site under the supervision of the customer to the world, and so on. Others say that the child is a small boast, the site is also the case.

and I, in each big forum, write soft recruitment staff, applicants must write a soft Wen to verify I qualified, so, I also have a soft hand, now is to each big forum, to find such a talent, I want to tell them, "

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