Make the broken network Wu Hongsheng leave Tencent still unruly teenagers


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in a noisy cafe, wearing a vest, shorts and flip flops Wu Hongsheng are playing mobile phone, waiting to talk with his new media venture project "onion". If no one deliberately introduced, most people would put him as a right to the cafe because of who the unruly teenagers.


can be born 85 years young the price to 40 million yuan in 2011, to make the country off the network company DNSpod sold to Tencent, this is not a big deal but shaking heaven and earth, enough to give his Internet career left a thick and heavy in colours.

originally outsiders think, Wu Hongsheng will just have the DNSpod to do so, the Tencent had promised the independent operation exposes many problems in the specific operation, DNSpod is not independent of external company, and Tencent to mobilize internal resources, Wu Hongsheng became awkward "outsiders".

with anger and regret, a little headstrong, Wu Hongsheng left to his aura DNSpod and Tencent. Just entered the thirty years of age is still full of entrepreneurial enthusiasm, Wu Hongsheng, he made the decision to leave after going to find investors talk, but not empty handed, so 5 minutes. An idea going to flicker investors.

the idea of the prototype is onion, simply change the need to enter the password account password system. Unexpectedly, CEO Lei Jun millet and partner of innovation works Wang Hua, and Wu Hongsheng chatted respectively before and after 3-5 minutes, decided to invest.

in this way, the "onion" perfect "into account security login tool" based on the introduction of cloud computing, with the boy accidentally started a new round of business. He wrote on micro-blog: "this is a new start of my life."

is known to be as early as possible

Wu Hongsheng mixed Internet circle very early in 2001, only 16 years old, he inadvertently joined the music site 1Ting webmaster Xueqian Du established QQ group. Because the symbols of the nickname resembles the woman chest, Wu Hongsheng was called the "group of friends, from the name of bra with his shadow accompanying.

Eileen Chang said to be famous as. In May 19, 2009, Wu Hongsheng was only 24 years old, because of a broken network storm from an unknown to the public the individual stationmaster is pushed to the Internet in the teeth of the storm.

from the beginning of the day 21:50, Jiangsu, Anhui, Guangxi, Hainan, Gansu, Zhejiang and other 6 provinces users found that the site is slow or inaccessible access.

Such a major accident in

network, it is Wu Hongsheng’s a free server caused by malicious attacks, but it was just at this DNS server provide domain name resolution services for about 10 million websites, including storm. It also includes a large number of local portals, personal websites and corporate websites. This resulted in a large number of users in the subsequent 2>

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