Chen Xuejun the industry’s annual revenue of 50 million is not the ceiling


The development of

B2B industry website will be Chinese Internet a revolutionary milepost, it will make the Internet completely remove Chinese entertainment hat, let more medium and small businesses into the Internet, and other national enterprises to participate in international competition. Today, B2B is looking for more blue ocean, which is the best catalyst for change".

But in the past thousands of Chinese

industry website in addition to Hi2000 listed, there are generally "survival and development is difficult, no problem is far off the embarrassing situation, China e-commerce research center analyst Zhang Zhouping said. Even the chairman of the board of directors Guo Fansheng previously publicly in Hangzhou said, "industry websites like climbing fly in the glass, there is light, no future", this is controversial, and once caused more than half of the industry website industry wide hot.

recently, China’s leading apparel industry e-commerce integrated service provider – China apparel network completed the strategic restructuring plan. In the management of CEO led by Chen Xuejun from Netsun repurchase shares, at the end of 60.38% the proportion of the first shareholder become China clothing network, completed the first domestic e-commerce field MBO.

China clothing network CEO Chen Xuejun said that China’s apparel network in terms of revenue has been in line with the gem listing conditions, in 2009 the company’s overall revenue of more than 20 million yuan. And in 3 years, the annual revenue will reach $50 million, but can not see any bottlenecks within 50 million. For example, he said, the same professional website, SouFun did 1 billion, China Chemical Network to do the 80 million, China Textile Network and China Textile Network has done in the case of 3000. Therefore, the annual revenue of 50 million of the industry website is not the ceiling".

Chen Xuejun said, today, the international trade is electronic commerce becomes more and more easy, most of the domestic industry website although only stay in the domestic service enterprises, but the future must be internationalized. Only the various countries and Chinese inter enterprise economy chain pull up, is the source of life and growth in nature website.

"any great dream must be achieved step by step, step by step, any great achievement must be achieved by countless meticulous work. The company’s sales and profits have hit a new high in the past year, with profits up 4 fold." Chen Xuejun said.

according to the introduction, China clothing apparel e-commerce website network is China’s oldest and largest, currently has 500 thousand registered members, average daily page visits 5 million 200 thousand times, the average daily traffic of 500 thousand independent IP address, in the apparel industry website first. In June 2003, we launched the international station to provide professional services for the Chinese clothing brand enterprises, processing enterprises and import and export companies to expand the international market.

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