Some principles of personal website operation

personal website is to a large extent belong to the grassroots type, but a lot of facts show that today a lot of big web site in the middle of this gang. And we found that many personal websites still make money, which is not the end, the end of hills and rivers. So how to operate personal website, I think of those people who run a personal website, is not worth discussing, but have you ever thought about, in a society where every day do not know how many to be born a personal website, which had personal webmaster, it is the operation of some master, not necessarily. Here I according to my work experience for personal website put forward some of my own opinions and views.

a, the content provided may be many, but you have to find a breakthrough point

as a personal website, it seems difficult to achieve large-scale profitability. What kind of products, it is not very clear, most people still rely on advertising. But advertising is the premise of the site, you have certain popularity, as advertising investment, why did he want to put to you? Personally, have two ways: first, you in the industry to do more professional, to your website, most of the professional ranks, generally not to lay. Investors believe that even if your website traffic is small, but it is still worth the money; second, your site traffic is high, such as Sina, a lot of people to vote for it, although it looks more complex in content, but the flow is high, people are willing to. But as a personal website, there is little to do a very professional and very few high flow. That is because a lot of people think, as long as the content type more, readers will not feel nothing to do inside, can also stick to the user. In fact, if this is the case, the new site is very dangerous.

we found that today, almost all of a lot of the operation of the success of the website is a professional level, even if your personal website to provide the contents of many types, you also need to find a point, digging down, or die. For example, the type of content your site might have to offer: Internet, emotion, design, literature, food, film and television culture, education, tourism, women…… Yes, I have no doubt that you are sure to get these contents, as a person engaged in Internet editing, to enrich the content is not very difficult, but because your content is too complex, some readers see a few times, will lead to the loss, because of complex, on the Internet now, you need to serve those professional users, this is also the reason why grassroots network inherent rapidly in the industry.

I give advice: if your site is to provide many types of content, then start on the website, you only need to provide a content in the Internet, such as the essence of the article, other content you can ignore, or other content channel you can put up later, the results of this do, your site will be quickly in a group for approval. Only when this group is recognized

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