Music as sports B round of financing object announced Predators stars gathered in

music as holding chairman and CEO Jia Yueting announced in late March, LETV sports B round of financing communion in 8 billion yuan, the investment valuation reached 21 billion 500 million yuan, this round of rumors for a long time yesterday officially announced the list of investors, including many highlights: this round of financing by the lead investor in Hainan Airlines, zewen joint lead investor, star in Qianhai, the new assets, Pai capital, investment, and like Thailand, aodongli, securities investment trusts in the Construction Bank, Guangdong finance and other more than and 20 institutions, Honglei Sun, Liu Tao, Chen Kun, such as a dozen individual investors with investment, in addition to the music group, Oriental Wealth A round of holdings of shareholders.

It is reported that the current round of financing

, creating a new record of Internet sports company B round of financing amount and valuation, LETV sports also become the Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, a single global round of financing more than $1 billion enterprise.

data show that in March 2014, as music officially split independent sports, music as a holding subsidiary. Last May, LETV sports completed a A round of financing, valuation of 2 billion 800 million to raise 800 million yuan of funds, investors including Wang Jianlin’s Wanda investment, Ma’s Yunfeng fund collar vote, Han Zhidong’s Oriental Kingsway and Wang Sicong’s MIPS investment and other seven institutions and individuals with investment.

B for the recent round of financing, LETV sports founder and CEO Lei Zhenjian told reporters that the unpopular than expected, raised by nearly 40 billion, carefully selected to find strategic partners the most "step". However, he also said that the direction of the two rounds of financing is completely different, the choice of investors are completely different ideas. In the A round of financing, as the music belongs to the lack of resources, lack of user status, so chose Wanda, etc.. B round of attention has been transferred to the resource layer, the user level, more importantly, whether the business model fit complementary."

previously, Kaiser tourism announcement makes music as the first round of financing B sports surfaced. Notice that Kaiser travel with the parent company by Jiaxing HNA capital of 1 billion 200 million yuan fund to participate in the sports LETV B round of financing, is expected to hold 5.85% stake in music as sports. Li Mingbi, President of HNA capital said, "as the lead investor, we are not purely financial investment. The concept of ecological development mode and open platform with HNA music as the sport of the whole industry chain is very consistent, the two sides will carry out extensive cooperation in sports tourism, sports and other aspects of Internet marketing IP."

One of the highlights of the

star join is B round investors lineup. Lei Zhenjian said the move is aimed at the star’s social influence into the music as a system which, through their appeal and a huge group of fans, so that more people are concerned, to participate in the sports industry. According to the reporter, although the participants, the amount is not high, the sum of the total investment of all star shareholders does not exceed 100 million yuan.

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