The story of the things these marketing methods do you see it

introduction: marketing is the knowledge about human, in the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes in People are hurrying to and fro. there are many, many life stories happening seems to be dull, but can let you see some flashes of wisdom.

1, smart Newsboy

an area, there are two in the same newspaper Newsboy selling, two individual competitors.

is the first Newsboy very hard, every peddle, voice is very loud, not a lot of selling daily newspaper, but also a decreasing trend.

second a newsboy Ken in mind, in addition to peddle, stick to the fixed place and every day he went to the post, will give you a distribution of newspapers, come back later. More and more familiar with the place, the newspaper sold more and more, of course, some loss.

and the first Newsboy can sell will be less, have to find a way to make a living.


marketing implications

second a newsboy in the practice of great significance:

first, in a fixed area, for the same newspaper, readers are limited. Bought me, he would not buy, I first sent the newspaper, the newspaper man, is certainly not going to buy other people’s newspaper. Equal to my first occupation of the market, the more I send, the smaller the market. This is a blow to the profits and confidence of the competitors.

second, the newspaper this thing is not like other consumer goods have a complex decision-making process, random purchase more, generally will not be returned because of quality problems. And not much money, we will not give money, no change today, tomorrow will give. Cultural people, do not embarrass children.

third, even if someone read the newspaper, reported back do not give money, nor what relationship, there will always be a backlog of newspapers, and he had seen the newspaper, will certainly not buy one. Or their potential customers.

this story we will learn a lot about consumers, market share, potential customers, loyal customers and other marketing terms.


2, two CMB

There is a bus line

in front of the house, from the alley to the train station. Do not know because the line is short, or the reason for the small number of people along the way, the bus company is only arranged two pairs of CMB back and forth.

101 is a couple, open 102 is also a couple.

car is mostly boat, because they often live in the water, therefore, the city is often the whole family, old and young. 101, the hostess rarely let the children to buy tickets, even a couple with children, she is like the blind, only requires the boat to buy two adult tickets. Some boat people determined to give older children to buy tickets, she smiled and said: "the next boat child to bring a small mussel, okay?"

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