Taobao governance fake enlarge recruit take the masses to report the route

December 25th news, Taobao fakes rampant believe that we are very understanding, which is also a headache for Alibaba. Today, they have launched a new governance initiatives – the national reporting mechanism to mobilize the power of the masses to find the sale of fake Taobao and scalping behavior.

, according to Taobao, the Internet users can report the type of false trading, received air parcels, counterfeit and pirated, junk message four categories, the future will add new species. Report entry has a commodity search page, product details page, direct access to the in three ways, the need for real name informants.

specific reporting methods are as follows:

the first: in the search results page "top right corner" there are reports of entry;


second: Tmall goods into the details of the goods on the left side of the page;


Taobao merchandise into the goods in the upper right corner of the page


finally there is a direct input, select the type you want to report, fill in the report can be completed successfully;


, according to Taobao, said the report is successful, there will be a dedicated staff in 7-8 working days to deal with, it can be imagined that the workload of these staff will be great.