The electricity supplier war out of mutual tear predicament Ali behind the new mother beauty store

"double 11" is approaching, the electricity supplier ashes. Ali has just announced the double eleven plan, Jingdong a shot is a cool buy 11 days to Beijing Teng plan against Ali, Suning’s battle of Ping jing". The subsequent Suning and Jingdong copy is the tear forced out integrity.

in fact, with "integrity for eye" marketing have been excessive consumption, even cause consumer resentment.

today, Tmall posted ads to employees on the internet. Many people immediately found, this seems to be in response to the vertical mother to mother #1111 beauty store holiday # topic. The battle is finally out of the tear force, to gezonglianheng

?Although the mother is

beauty store new vertical electricity supplier, but behind it is optimized for eight years in the field of infant baby tree. Therefore, it can accurately insight into the real demands of the audience: for the workplace mother only, double eleven discount no time. In view of this, the mother did not call for hoarding calls for major enterprises in November 11th to give mom employees holiday activities.

Since the

in "Guangming Daily" since the proposal is issued, the mother # initiative #1111 holiday store has many well-known enterprises to harvest.


for the two major electricity supplier giant Taobao and Jingdong, the store also mother loudly, even directly to Hangzhou Ali headquarters voice.





move finally got a response to Ali’s holiday. As for Ali is behind the "publicity" or "creative" reference can make nothing of it.

in Ali issued a notice when the body. The mother also launched the WeChat store advertising circle of friends. Tacit understanding.


Guangming Daily newspaper, National People’s Congress initiative response, Sina micro-blog accident topic diffusion, a large number of media have reported, in response to the Alibaba…… Have to admit, the mother hoard "crazy hoard Festival" has become the 2015 vertical electric business the most watched a


Bao Baoshu’s mother is able to store electricity supplier us owes to the A new force suddenly rises., long-term strategic plan:

1, in July this year, announced a high-profile $250 million strategic investment in the baby trees, combined with domestic investment on several other investment institutions, the baby tree of this round of financing of $300 million, and will be the focus of investment business.

2, in order to cross-border business blueprint into reality, the mother store was officially established in Holland, the first station of Holland overseas direct mining hair. Has been with one of Holland’s largest supermarket Jumbo reached a strategic cooperation, all the products directly on the baby tree beautiful mother sea Amoy channel business store can be purchased.