Li Shufu accelerate the automatic driving legislation to strengthen the electricity supplier tax man


technology news March 3rd morning news, NPC and CPPCC kicked off, the CPPCC National Committee members, Geely chairman Li Shufu this year has brought three proposals: to speed up the automatic driving legislation, prudent and reasonable revision of the law of promoting private education, strengthen the electronic business transaction tax management.

Li Shufu believes that the future of the future of the automotive industry will become the direction of the development of the automotive industry, in the individual, transportation and social aspects have great social value. This has been a consensus between the industry and the government in Europe, the United States and china. However, at present, the relevant laws and regulations of various countries and regions for the automatic driving car on the road test and the subsequent large-scale promotion there are still obstacles. Automatic driving has brought new challenges and opportunities to the development of China’s automobile industry. It is urgent to determine the possible problems in advance and plan the legislation as soon as possible.

Li Shufu also proposed to strengthen e-commerce transactions tax management. He believes that with the popularity of mobile Internet, electronic commerce has been transferred from the online sales has entered a new stage. All kinds of new business models to flourish, interactive online and offline has penetrated into all aspects of people’s daily life, has injected new vitality into the economic development. However, because e-commerce generally has a virtual, paperless, occult and other characteristics, although the existing legal provisions and the store tax standard equally, but objectively, in fact, has brought new challenges to the trade of the network not only the current tax system, but also to the tax authorities for tax source management is difficult, timely to solve the problems of electronic commerce, is very important to create a fair and healthy development environment. China’s tax management of e-commerce transactions still lack a clear top-level design and legal requirements.

Li Shufu: improve the legal system, strengthening the legal construction of Taxation of electronic commerce; on e-commerce business tax management practice to fully consider the characteristics of breaking the information asymmetry between tax authorities and taxpayers, reduce the cost of tax collection; strengthen the protection of taxpayer information.

Li Shufu also proposed a prudent and reasonable revision of the private education promotion act. He suggested: to properly handle a reasonable return on the abolition of the system; improve the supporting policies and regulations, promote different classification management; physical teaching and cutting logistics, limited profit range; amending the law should be further clarified at the same level of public schools private schools enjoy the same preferential tax policies, provided strong support measures to eliminate policy barriers and discrimination and realize the value of fairness and justice, safeguard the virtuous circle of development of private education. (Li Nan)

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