Replay Nora mode where is the cow The most grey killer app


to the current situation, our ruling, self revolution


the evening of April 16th, broadcast by Sina micro-blog announced that it will start the business model transformation, turning from the original technical content, and clean and vulgar content involving pirated content, close QVOD server, stop the video on demand and energy-saving technology based on…… From then on, Nora mode end.

fast move shocked the grass root, they shouted: "grass root Indoorsman hold on, don’t cry!" our heart would break it, losing a lot of users, lost an important source of income. Rely on Nora mode, Nora as early as 2009 to achieve profitability, sales in 2011 reached 130 million yuan. So far, Youku potatoes, Iqiyi still mad burn, profitable is not available.

"fast mode": the most grey killer app?

not to mention some video content Nora known, technically, our remarkable.

2007, the bandwidth is limited, users download videos and watch videos online slower, they prefer local video is much higher than online video. For the limited capacity of the purchase of small and medium film and television stations, the situation is worrying. The broadcast has brought the gospel, solve the problem of waiting time for users to watch online video longer, the card off rate and other issues.

is the core of Nora is based on its own P2P technology, which allows each user to become a node, so that a lot of video stations do not have a lot of server and bandwidth can ensure the normal use of the user. For example, after a video station a server can only carry 10 thousand people online at the same time, but once it joined Nora service system, through P2P technology, this server can carry 150 thousand people.

The advantages of

technology, so Nora was popular in the film and television stations; and these video stations for Nora provides a wealth of video resources, Nora rapid development.

in the first quarter of 2011, the number of broadcast video player in the daily coverage of more than storm video, thunder and other veteran video player manufacturers. At the end of 2011, Nora announced the week the number of active users has reached 200 million, with the domestic video site Youku gangster draw approximately equal.

It is worth mentioning that

, Nora revitalize themselves and the end of the film and television station users, so that these users in the formation of Nora system in circulation. For example, as its users A users through the application of energy-saving, and will flow to other television stations; and the original non A users through its website to fast search the video content to become A users.

this model allows Nora rapid development and low operating costs, the content is almost zero cost. But there’s a problem with porn and piracy. Nora provides technology for the film and television stations, non-interference in the content, resulting in a large number of pirated and pornographic content uploaded to the network.


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