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version of the "fortune" magazine recently wrote a thorough analysis of the whole process of hacking SONY pictures, SONY should be able to avoid the hackers. The article is based on interviews with more than 50 interviews with SONY’s current and former executives (all of whom insist on refusing to name their names), cyber security experts and law enforcement officials. To a large extent, this article is also based on hackers exposed SONY internal mail and various documents. Hollywood also provides business a lot of information to see SONY pictures in hacker attacks after: personal leadership of the company, and the parent company in Japan in twenty-first Century and the entertainment industry challenges increased pressure.


mail also shows many amazing things and have not been previously reported anecdotes, such as how SONY spying on your e-mail. It is interesting to note that these emails and documents that are publicly available by hackers provide a window to describe why the hacking was successful and how the company could protect itself. This is also the reason why the "fortune" chose to quote these materials.

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"we’re going to take a cruel revenge"

in June 17th, leaked emails show that SONY taunts a "real person" appetite is decreasing. When the movie ("the assassination of Kim Jeong-eun") the first trailer on the line, just look at the film’s SONY CEO Hirai Yifu called SONY pictures CEO Mike – Layton (Michael Lynton), worried that this film may exacerbate the already tense situation between Japan and korea. As well, this makes it possible for Kim Jeong-eun to threaten a Japanese company.

Layton emergency action, first recalled the trailer and re edited. Previously, as a "SONY" plan, SONY film studio produced at the beginning of all the movie studio logo below joined the trademark of Sony Corp. Including the Colombia Pictures Inc (Columbia Pictures), TriStar Pictures Inc (TriStar) and screen film company (Screen Gems). But in the newly released trailer, Sony Corp’s trademark was quietly deleted, trying to dilute the relationship with the parent company SONY group. The plan to release the film in Asia has also been canceled. "In the movie is completed, must remain a secret" Layton told SONY pictures co chairman Amy – Pascal (Amy Pascal).

secret this thing is not easy, a few days later, the North Korean government spokesman warned that the release of the movie "the assassination of Kim Jeong-eun" is "the most provocative means in a flagrant way, terrorism and war," and threatened to use "cruel revenge". The North Korean government then made a formal lawsuit, criticizing the White House and the United Nations Security council. North Korea has always threatened other countries, but in most cases only bluffing.


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