Wang Jianlin latest speech Wanda is how to do electricity supplier

remember last year, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin in China economic person of the year awards ceremony with Ma bet? Wang Jianlin said at the time: "supplier and then powerful, but like bathing, feet, ears, these services, electricity providers can not be replaced." He and Ma Yundu is that by 2020 if the electricity supplier in China’s retail market share of more than 50%, Wang Jianlin will give the one hundred million of the one hundred million, if not, then, to the president of the United States, and then to the other side of the world in the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of.

in the past year, we are still waiting to see the drama, Wang Jianlin suddenly stood up and said, that is just a joke to warm field activities. In the days before the host of CCTV finance forum, Wang Jianlin said publicly, about to quit gambling. I dark horse that bet and aside, Wang Jianlin this year is certainly want to understand how to do business, understand the traditional industry to change the time, so he will say "survival of the fittest", "the Internet and the real economy is the trend of fusion, fusion sooner or later encounter bottlenecks. So, Wang Jianlin exactly how to do electricity supplier?


is the following text record:

this time last year, when a CCTV, Ma and I before the mall, the director said in front of the more boring, you are active, funny funny. We played a joke on you, did not think the joke really, actually a year after today are still talking about this problem.

last night, Professor Liu Shiwei also asked me this question, Jian Lin, you and Ma also bet not bet?. Did not expect next to a reporter, wrote an article that Wang Jianlin do not bet on, admit defeat. As a result, some people wrote an article that Wang Jianlin admit defeat does not mean that the real economy does not work.

let me talk about a problem, to explain the electronic commerce and the real economy can be fused, not either this or that problem.

What is the mode of e-commerce



first, Wanda e-commerce will definitely not be Taobao, Tencent will not be, nor will it be Baidu, Jingdong will not be. We are fully integrated with their own characteristics of an online and offline integration of e-commerce model.

According to the

about than a billion people will enter the square this year, we have accurate photoelectric counting. More conservative estimates, in 2015 there will be about 140 Wanda Plaza, with an average of 20 million people per square, more than a year there will be more than 2 billion people into the square, there may be millions of cars into. But who are these people, who are the people of his age, what are his spending habits, and what is the level of consumption?. We are now a number of investment and layout or experiential, based on past experience which is popular on the layout of what is this model. We think Wanda can have a unique line of resources of Chinese enterprises, there are more than and 100 square, close to one hundred hotels, a few years later there are a number of large resort area, so dozens of

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