Facebook HTML5 give up 4 reasons to native applications


some time ago, Facebook launched native iOS applications, the speed of response compared with the old version has been significantly improved, caused widespread concern in the industry. But the concern is not because the native application itself has a lot more quickly, but the Zuckerberg that "the application of Facebook HTML5 is completely dependent on the biggest mistake, resulting in wasted 2 years of valuable time, the future will be the primary application of speech.

industry generally believe that, based on the Web version of the Facebook HTML5 user experience is relatively poor, because Facebook did not make full use of the advantages of HTML5, rather than HTML5 itself how bad. Otherwise, why other people can use HTML5 to create a very successful mobile site


if there is anyone wonder why Facebook HTML5 give up and move to a native application, here are four reasons why Tobie Langel lists (more details please click here):

1 tool / developer API

does not have the appropriate tools to track memory.

2 Web scrolling effect

users when browsing the web, you need a very smooth scrolling effect, and HTML5 based Facebook applications do not do this. Facebook this improvement for the web page rolling has been promoted.


image processing is not good at HTML5. If you know the HTML5 people, you will find that image loading and processing of course, should not be achieved at this stage using HTML5".

4 other

HTML5 is currently specializing in the amount of data is not large, less animated pages, and this is precisely where the focus of Faceabook. In contrast, native apps offer better touch tracking support, smoother animations, and better caching.

make full use of the advantages of HTML5, as far as possible to reduce the weakness of HTML5, learn to use HTML5, is now the focus of the development of this period using HTML5. It can be said that the development of skills is very important, and this is precisely the original Facebook ignored.

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