Tmall trading rules questioned small sellers from malicious blackmail

these days, the seller has been doing a security nightmare: her mobile phone constantly reminded Taobao mall Tmall shop on insufficient margin, puzzled her online check, found the shop one day by hundreds of pen accounts of the evil shot, not a penny left ten million yuan deposit.

was questioned by the rules

Lin is a Tmall shop on the sale of imported wood floor boss. In Tmall, this kind of building materials industry business is not good to do. Ellingson with "to have business to do a business is not to earn" mentality around for two years in Tmall.

in addition to the shop, there is a real shops tomlinson. Some time ago to the store warehouse inventory, taking into account the Tmall business has been deserted, the customer all transferred to Tomlinson warehouse to help. In September 2, 2012, Lin suddenly received Tmall SMS said undermargined shop. She doubtfully on view, but terrified.

just a few days time, Tmall actually produced 27 transactions, which is almost a full year performance of her last year. However, these buyers did not rush to take delivery of the goods, but immediately apply for a refund, the same reason are sellers out of stock".

Tomlinson Mongolia, if the refund can be established, the refund amount will reach 3 yuan. In accordance with the Tmall mall operating rules (hereinafter referred to as Tmall rules), due to shortages, in addition to the return of the refund, the seller also needs to pay 30% of the buyer’s payment for compensation. These 10 thousand yuan of compensation will be deducted from the deposit at the time of the shop to pay 150 thousand.


system showed that 5 days have 6 pen refund success, Tmall system has been from the deposit account in Tomlinson deducted nearly 2700 yuan payment to the buyer.


Sen is optimistic, in her opinion, this is obviously the evil beat: "buyers decoration to buy wood flooring are generally dozens of square meters to buy, and that 27 transactions, it is a piece of land to shoot, shoot immediately apply for a refund, the reason is out of stock, can are we are not out of stock."

But when

Sen confidently to the Tmall customer service for customer service, told her, in accordance with the rules of Tmall, can only contact the seller to settle their tomlinson. "They are obviously malicious to buy, how to negotiate the results ah." Lin almost desperate to reporters sigh.


can’t do business here, and I will confirm Tmall have not deducted directly deposit! In the face of such events, Tmall should at least have a legal position, rather than blindly rule that." That night, all the goods removed after Linsen shop, and decided to stay at the end of expiration, completely withdraw from Tmall.

is a similar incident, Tmall at the micro-blog Sina official explained: blackmail businesses encounter after a long investigation, and carry out extensive communication and confirmation and the majority of businesses, Tmall currently has evidence that a group of criminals disguised as consumers to blackmail compliance businesses. Tmall will

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