nterview with Robin Li open platform with the traditional search order no essential difference

news September 2nd, 2010 Baidu World Conference held in Beijing, Baidu CEO Robin Li on the morning of Box Computing and Baidu application platform for the demonstration and explanation, the afternoon accepted the interview.

below is the full text of the interview:

reporter: we greatly affected the Baidu open platform for our Internet Ecosystem, today morning guests are very concerned about how to make money through this platform, can tell us about how to build the ecological system platform, how to let developers have the brand’s interests, and the interests of

traffic and revenue?

Robin Li: as Baidu, we must continue to innovate in this position, keep pace with the times, according to market demand and change the adjustment strategy, the development of new technologies. This time as an important step in the calculation of the box, the application of the open platform is for such an idea to do. You just talked about the ecological impact of the Internet, in my opinion is positive, first of all, the application of the introduction of an open platform, in fact, the whole cake bigger. Originally, we feel that Baidu can get only information, and now in addition to information, data, a variety of applications will be found. This means that users will increasingly rely on search engines, they will use the search engine to complete the task they want to complete. Like I never play games, but because of this convenience, I began to play the game like this. This game developers, in fact, expanded his market, but also expanded the search market. As for the application developers, how they can benefit from it? I think the first Baidu only provides a platform, the size of each application value for customers, basically depends on their own good, the extent to meet the needs of users, if the user needs to meet he can earn money, or, if the user needs are not met, no matter how Baidu to help developers, this is unable to realize the value of the long term. Baidu is the same as an intermediary organization, the real value is to provide these open platform applications, providers, the real needs of users, Baidu is to try to meet the needs of these users. Let them find what they want faster, more convenient and more accurately.

reporter: when everyone in the development of the same application, such as the game, who’s good, how do you judge, how to choose a partner?

Robin Li: This is not the essence of the traditional search engine web page sorting. For a search engine, he most need to consider is what users want, that it may be possible that the content data, and may be a general ", so that is what kind of applications on the front, what to put in the second, and even used on the front, or on the data in front of, or the content on the front, it will be through a very complex algorithm, it can be called out. Now, because the time to launch an open platform soon, perhaps in order to achieve the best state, but in the long run, he used this

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