The breakdown of domestic group purchase industry wonderful site a lot of surprise and imagination

domestic group purchase website has been touted, survival to belittle and sigh, this is not about those passing the group purchase website, only talk about those at this stage to survive, but also hope the company. These companies in the past three years has brought us a lot of surprises and imagination, the following statements:

first, the United States Mission:

United States, the site is a pioneer model of the halo was born, Wang Xing is the label of this site, the campus network, the network is the history of the u.s.. The most wonderful thing is that the United States and the United States did not do any of the traditional media advertising (in addition to push), and its own traffic is the envy of the whole group to buy other competitors envy jealousy.

U.S. mission to become the industry leader at this stage, thanks to their three years in the group buying industry to do the following things:

is the first to advocate "always back" function:


function was introduced to produce a great disturbance in the industry, the other group purchase site most is the use of precipitation funds as consumers of profits, the precipitation time is longer, the more favorable to the company turnover, the details you can ask around CFO (chief financial officer) understand. But the move for consumers is applauded, its own flow and the absolute viscosity of users website has been greatly improved, this "to practice magic, brandished a knife from the palace" spirit only Wang Xing such wonderful dare to try.

is the first to use the "merchant automated clearing" system:

Wang Xing knows the group purchase website is the characteristics of the platform, is a bridge between consumers and businesses, if the first point is the benefit to consumers, improve your own traffic and user viscosity, and the use of business automation system is not only convenient for clearing settlement businesses, the biggest advantage is to save the financial cost of human resource, this should be fine the scope of the operation.

strategy of Encircling Cities from rural areas:


should be regarded as the core group overall expansion strategy, the so-called large website Sike in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen first-tier cities, desperately, the U.S. group will act in a diametrically opposite way, deep use "pull", "weiweijiuzhao" and "do" even ring, vigorously develop the 2,3,4 line city, and quickly became the overlord, for example: Handan city. If we carefully observe the U.S. sales report, his more than 70% of the sales from the "rural" city, and first-tier cities ranked in other sites, such as the Shanghai review, Beijing rice. This "diversionary" harassment tactics play the most incisive.


three is just the process of beautiful group, but the real core from the Alibaba’s investment, as we all know, the Alibaba is a sales oriented Internet Co, so the vice president of Alibaba become U.S. group COO (COO), destined for U.S. group will become the industry.

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