Monitoring treasure mobile application monitoring services to lead mobile APM

leading application performance management operators, cloud wisdom (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. recently announced the launch of mobile application monitoring services". The new enterprise monitoring service solution based application service interface monitoring business processes, applications or services to capture end-user experience, follow the application of interactive data flow analysis, found that the availability and correctness of the port operations and business performance data, is the first in the country.

mobile social, mobile payment to mobile multimedia, the rise of mobile Internet, making mobile applications to be more widely penetrated into all areas of social economy. More products and services through the application of mobile Internet, cloud computing technology, thus giving birth to more new IT services. Whether it is WeChat, LBS services or mobile phone games, mobile Internet era is the era of the user experience, a large number of applications from less to more rapid expansion, how to break the bottleneck in the users under the condition of the back-end operation and maintenance capability is very important.

monitoring treasure mobile application monitoring service is based on the SaaS end to end application performance management (Application Performance Management, referred to as APM) monitoring services. From the client side, the business side to the application system, identify, judge, analyze the impact of the performance of business applications to help you find the business process problems. Whether it’s on a Web or a mobile device, every application service you want to use can call it and get the results they want.


insight into the availability of application services

mobile application showing explosive growth, whether the third party is the internal data interface, will produce huge amounts of daily service requests, performance directly reduces the loss of customers, reduce costs and grow the business. Monitoring treasure mobile application monitoring services through nearly a hundred monitoring sites and 3G monitoring network, every 120 seconds for each service request interface application performance monitoring. The available statistical analysis and availability, response time measurement application interface call service is (when available long scale), real-time view can proactively identify those key business services and transactions, to ensure the integrity of business processes.

capture the correctness of the service request

leads to a decline in service quality or transaction failure, in addition to the low availability of application services, more important is the business request process is correct. Traditional monitoring solutions fail to identify one or more requests to return the state and whether the results match. Monitoring treasure mobile application monitoring service by asserting the results of matching and initialization of variables, provide the correct alarm information, let IT managers to be more proactive and effective monitoring and solve the root problem that can not meet the business requirements and service level.

ensure the best quality of delivery service

single point single monitoring data

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