Baidu once again announced Beijing will resume normal national recovery

January 12th news, at about 12 noon, Baidu once again announced that the Beijing area has returned to normal service. And said that, as of now, in the Beijing region IP resolution service has returned to normal, the rest of the country’s IP analysis is also being restored.

, according to Baidu’s earlier announcement that this morning, due to the Baidu domain name in the U.S. domain name registrar was illegally tampered with, resulting in can not be normal access. Unable to access the user through the, Baidu recommends its search through the

January 12th at about 7 in the morning, a large number of users can not respond to Baidu home page, as of Beijing time 12:00, the country has begun to be able to visit Baidu. The Baidu large area of up to 5 hours of failure, but also the largest ever since the creation of a network accident Baidu.

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