Car home PO the most understanding of the use of nternet productivity automotive website

car is an automobile vertical website, providing information content and professional forum for users of the automotive consumer groups; its business model is easy to understand, that is, to provide online marketing services for car manufacturers and dealers. Its business model is clear and simple, even not to mention what great innovation, but the car home can in many talent shows itself in the automotive website, the effect of this model is to maximize, all cannot do without the team pursuit of user needs and user experience.

1 product positioning: vertical portal – > automotive Internet service platform


car home is currently operating mainly in the car home ( and used car home ( two sites, the new car home site in a number of operational indicators leading competitors. Prospectus disclosure, according to iResearch, September 2013, autohome, UV 5 million 700 thousand, PV 104 million 200 thousand users daily; online time for car users online browsing information overall time spent 46%; the average per user per day in autohome 15.2 minutes. Mobile site daily UV 1 million 300 thousand, mobile APP average daily UV 1 million 100 thousand. Second hand car market, the current market is more dispersed, second-hand car home has not yet established a leading edge.

professional content and the pursuit of user experience, is the core competitiveness of the car home, all the products and services of the website user oriented, even for content and brand, give up some business interests. Car home media brand, as well as in the car, Car Buying crowd of good reputation, competition is far beyond reach. Products and services based on the formation of the brand and reputation, so that the site does not need to spend too much money to buy traffic, you can be quite accurate to the impact of a large number of people interested in the recent car. In addition, the car home forum brings together a group of faithful car enthusiasts, they spontaneously contributed a lot of UGC content, enriches the content of the website, part of the original content of the professional and professional website content more than the affinity.

at present, the car home forum formed a different car as the theme of the forum, the number of registered users of the forum more than 7 million 700 thousand, in September 2013 the average daily UV of 2 million 700 thousand. Li Xiang once remarked in an interview with I the horse said, the car home is all cars inside the site will do the most to the Internet, while the other 99% car sites do not understand the Internet using "productivity is a true, our platform, on the surface of our editor in writing articles, but our content more than 95% of all users. Then we offer is provided by the dealer, we are not to go on low price, we are not a bunch of people every day to write articles in the hangchikengchi, we write in order to guide the user to write articles." These users spontaneously contribute personalized content, on the one hand to become a white car users choose a very good reference, in turn, become

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