Yang Fan why do choose the site planning industry

today, Yang Fan said why I chose the site planning this industry, the following is my preliminary analysis:

one, follow the trend to see the development of

            site planning industry in foreign countries is the rise in 2002, but in the country is only gradually in the year of 2004. It is understood that in foreign countries engage in it network to make money is not the most technical staff, but the site planner. It technicians in foreign countries more than 8.3 times more than the site planning staff, but this data is gradually declining. We can see the importance of foreign website planning industry!

          China most famous website business model or programming technology is good to go abroad with the development of the network, which is a "feature" Chinese Internet, long-term examples do not say, take China now Web2.0, blog, video website are all come from abroad! Now website planning is quite popular in foreign countries! Most of the technical staff have to switch to the website planning industry, bookstore also specializing in selling site planning books in computer schools also have specialized professional web site planning. But in China there is not a legitimate site planning books.

          if China engage now in site planning development is still relatively limited, but wait for another 1-3 years, the rise of this industry, and most people with the trend to go abroad, then you have to switch, is the industry leader, etc. they learn 1 + 1 = 2  and you will use the geometric formula!

two, from Chinese population

        the earth people know the world China population is the largest, small countries abroad in the network and people’s lives, but also ordinary Chinese temporarily can not, but I think the Internet is just beginning in China, a large space for development, if the development general level. Plus, China population, the trend of the China network network as can be imagined, but ultimately cannot do without the website, a website competition is strong, then the site planning how much useless!


three, from the way of making money

        maybe many people are trying to earn money to make money, in fact, is not difficult, it is difficult to think about the money you don’t have the right skills, Yang Fan summed up the most easy to make money in two ways: one is to let people earn money, you will make money is to make two   others learn knowledge, he was willing to buy you a single! Site planning plainly is to allow enterprises to make more money, save time, less costly mistakes.

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