Light luxury glasses store brand collection e school announced the completion of three million Angel

August 12th news today, overseas luxury light glasses store brand collection e school announced the completion of three million Angel round of financing, this round of financing by LIAN Yongxuan partner Feng Tao led.

it is reported that this round of financing will be mainly used to establish e learning at the end of 2016 stores in Beijing, China World Trade Center, Financial Street and Zhongguancun area under the line before the experience.

e school was founded in early 2015, is an overseas niche designer glasses store brand collection, the main light luxury fashion brand glasses. The company has been working with Jia Jia Jia, Matsushima Masaki, FLAIR, SUPERDRY and other brands to cooperate.

Chain store system

"domestic main overseas niche designer brands glasses is a gap in the market, many young people online only by sea Amoy or travel abroad to buy at the local, e and optical long-term cooperation in Europe and Japan and South Korea and other places buyers team, special collection of overseas niche designer brand suppliers." The founder of fan zhe said.

business model, e currently mainly adopts C end users to store personal consumption and B end enterprise customers door model group. Stores, e main concentration area in each city selected the location of the CBD line stores to shop, to control the cost of rent, combined with a large number of enterprises around 3 km within the scope of the on-site service agreement signed.

in addition, e learn all the chips in front of the shop will set aside a portion of the stock, so that stores a physical location within 5 km around the needs of customers into stores glasses have become shareholders, each shareholder shop will bring enterprise resources and customer resources for the store.

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