Promotion of College Students’ Web site Library Promotion of non mainstream methods

at present, the employment of college students has become a major problem we have to face, while the Internet is known as a paradise for entrepreneurs, so more and more students to the Internet business this way, to establish their own websites, to promote the development of their own website. However, many college students spend a lot of time and energy but have not been able to promote their website. The reasons may be many, but the bigger reason is that they have not found a good way of thinking and methods. Here I will introduce one of the non mainstream methods to promote college students website – Library promotion.

guest here to Taobao as an example, many college students are doing Taobao customers, but now Taobao customer is not too good to do, put in the network time, also did not return, not only a waste of time, but also a waste of time in college life. So, since the network is not cheap, why not go to our lives. To find a way to promote our lives around. Not only can enrich our lives, but also to walk outside, Why not?. And now almost all college students online shopping.

in each university, there must be a very important building, it is the library. Library flow is particularly large, so if you can do a good job promotion, then get a lot of inevitable. But a lot of people confused, how to do a good job in the library promotion. In fact, very simple, key words: bookmarks".

we need to do more than just one or two bookmarks, this is the lazy approach. If I do a single page of Taobao digital products, so the library must have knowledge about these digital books, this time, we can do a digital product to print out the bookmark, the cost is not high (don’t tell you outside my university without printing shop, you usually end where to print data) and then to the library, find the bookshelf, the insert bookmark. If you have a library related systems, and even can be found which books are more popular, find these books, plug in your bookmarks. You can even find these books, add the following comments and some of the introduction to your site to bring accurate traffic.

if you do not just to promote a commodity, then a good design can attract people’s bookmarks, put them to the relevant books, so the conversion rate is particularly high, and because these bookmarks exist in the books in the library inside, students are almost not going to damage the bookmark. If your website is good, so in the University, students will recommend each other slowly, even to the outside radiation out, then, this time, your site will have numerous accurate flow.

in fact, this is just a simple library extension method, low cost, and can exercise their own, but also develop their own website, but after all, college students now force online shopping. After the author will bring you more big >

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